VIRIO – Also a technological genius

From a single mould

The machine housing of the VIRIO is produced from cast mineral. Thanks to its outstanding mechanical properties, this material ensures good damping characteristics, and consequently suppresses undesirable interference, while its high thermal stability offers constant measuring conditions.

The new measuring system of the VIRIO has been developed specially for exactly these positive properties of the machine frame: combined with the proven Schenck electro-dynamic vibration pick ups, this has resulted in a high precision measuring system with many other benefits. It is very robust and therefore insensitive to external effects such as vibrations or temperature fluctuations. Stresses occurring in rough workshop conditions are no problem for the VIRIO.

Or to put it another way: if a label just 1/2 of
the size of a postage stamp is applied
to a 30 kg rotor at a radius of about 100 mm,
the PASIO will still be able to detect its position and
weight - although this corresponds to only
1/500.000 of the mass of the rotor.
It damps vibrations 10x better than conventional grey cast iron.
The VIRIO thus reacts to interference significantly more easily.
This can be seen in practice from the excellent measuring
results: the measurement accuracy is 0.1�m centre of gravity eccentricity
of the rotor. Or to put it another way: If
a label only � of the size of a postage stamp is
applied to a 30 kg rotor at a radius of about
100 mm, the balancing machine can still detect the label's position
and mass, which corresponds to only 1 millionth of the rotor mass.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Protective hood conforms to Class C 600 to ISO 7475
  • Infinitely variable speed regulation
  • Balancing in one or two planes