CAB 920: The reference system for peak balancing performance

CAB 920 is the further innovative development of the legendary CAB measuring systems from Schenck. The performance capability of "Computer Aided Balancing" is improved even further by the CAB 920, giving access to an even wider application spectrum. With its modern operating concept, it sets new standards in balancing. The development was focused particularly on the easy and reliable operation of even the most complex balancing procedures. Avoiding errors, speeding up procedures and thereby significantly improving the quality of balancing - all this can be achieved with the CAB 920.

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  • The eMode simplifies the operation of the balancing machine to two dialog pages
  • Vector and numeric display
  • Measurement of the dynamic unbalance in 2 planes or the static unbalance and unbalance moment
  • Automatic tolerance comparison
  • Display in polar or in evenly/unevenly distributed components
  • Tolerance calculation to ISO 1940
  • Report in PDF format
  • Conversion to other setting data
  • Single compensation, key compensation, index balancing
  • Actuation of the drive for automatic measurement sequence
  • Definition and saving of type related balancing procedures
  • Context related help functions, automatic self test
  • Monitoring of measurement signals
  • Logbook function
  • Network capable

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