CAB 700: Easy operation, accurate unbalance measurement

The first time you work with this basic measuring unit, you will discover that it can be used universally, is easy to operate, measures the unbalance accurately and comes complete with high performance software. Compact in design, it meets all the important requirements of a universal balancing machine. The CAB 700 can be operated in a few easy steps by means of the defined function keys, the numerical keyboard, cursor keys and menu guides, making even occasional balancing an easy matter. The display appears in clear text and in your own language: words, figures, units of unbalance and clear symbols enable fast and accurate reading, further supported by coloured displays. The measurement signals are digitally processed within a wide unbalance range with high resolution and interference suppression.

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  • Measurement of the dynamic unbalance in 2 planes or the static unbalance and unbalance moment
  • Automatic tolerance comparison
  • Digital polar display
  • Display in evenly or unevenly distributed components
  • Tolerance calculation to ISO 1940
  • Average value formation of measurement values over time, in relation to rotor type
  • Balancing report (series or individual)
  • Single compensation, key compensation, index balancing
  • Actuation of the drive for automatic measurement sequence
  • Automatic self test

CAB 700 CAB 700 CAB 700