VIRIO – Balancing without limits

From gears to fan wheels – The right turn for disc shaped rotors

The VIRIO enables the balancing of a wide range of disc shaped rotors, such as brake discs, torsional vibration dampers, flanges, compressors, fans, segmented grinders, pumps, wheel hubs, lawnmower blades, pulleys, grinding wheels, flywheels, clutch components, gear wheels, chaff rotors, railroad wheels, aircraft tyres and propellers.

With its flexible concept, the VIRIO can be adapted to all your balancing tasks. The high accuracy of the measuring system, together with the infinitely variable speed regulation, enables perfect balancing. Whether for a 10 kg rotor or one weighing 300 kg – we have the right machine from purely manual solution to an automatic solution for integration into a production line.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Space saving
  • Clear input procedures
  • Easy to understand dialogues

Application examples: